Basement Waterproofing

Water damage can cost you big money. Let ProAxis solve your waterproofing issues and get your home back up and running fast.

We will determine the point(s) of entry by using our O.U.T. assessment (Over/Under/Through):

  • Water entering Over the top of the foundation wall due to landscape, grade, caulking, or flashing details.

  • Water seeping up through the floor due to hydrostatic pressure building Under the foundation.

  • Water coming Through the foundation wall due to crack(s), pipe penetration, or form ties.

ProAxis offers the following waterproofing services:

  • Excavate around the outside of the foundation and apply the appropriate sheet or fluid applied waterproofing system that best meets the given circumstances.

  • Retrofit a drain tile system around the interior or exterior perimeter of the foundation as needed to reduce hydrostatic pressure and direct the water away from the basement.

  • Crack injection: Inject epoxy solid or urethane foam into cracks or joints to seal against water intrusion.

Water Droplet
Repaired Foundation Crack

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