EIFS & Stucco Services

E.I.F.S  stands for Exterior Insulation Finishing System, and is defined as being a non-load bearing cladding system that will provide a water resistant, insulated finished surface for a wall or ceiling area.

E.I.F.S is a perfect solution to consider when your building is in need of an updated appearance. It provides insulation value, flexibility of design,  and long lasting durability.


Stucco plastering is Portland cement installed over a metal or wood lath system that typically includes the installation of casing, corner, and expansion joint beads. A scratch coat, brown coat, and finish coat are applied over the lath and bead system in a way that one coat keys into the next. Stucco systems are typically found installed on older homes. Repair and matching existing stucco textures for historical additions is what is most commonly done today, however we have had some customers who have a stucco system installed on new construction.


Common EIFS, stucco and plastering problems include:

  • Bulged or failing stucco systems that are allowing water to enter the building.

  • Cracked or delaminated E.I.F.S.

  • Cracked or failing interior plaster that is starting to come loose from its surface.


ProAxis can help you with the following EIFS, stucco and plastering services:

  • Complete removal and replacement of stucco or E.I.F.S systems, if required.

  • Interior sand, smooth, or decorative one of a kind texture application.

  • Removal and replacement of failed E.I.F.S caulk joints.

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