Epoxy Flooring

ProAxis offers a wide variety of high quality, long lasting decorative coatings. These high performance coatings have been used in industrial and commercial applications for years and are now available for your home. Coatings are available in solid colors, vinyl flake, or quartz systems. And new to the market is a metallic floor that provides a unique look every time.


ProAxis installs a floor that takes your hard to maintain, stained concrete floor and transforms it into a beautiful, easily maintained, useful and functional space in your home or garage.


Some common flooring problems that ProAxis can solve for you include:

  • Pitted, scaled, or cracked concrete garage or basement floor.

  • Discolored, or oil staining of concrete garage floor.

  • Uneven concrete flooring that may cause ponding of water.


ProAxis offers the following epoxy coating services:

  • Installation of 100% solids epoxy for a durable stain proof floor.

  • Removal and replacement of damaged concrete before application of epoxy coatings.

  • Installation of epoxy overlays used to level out uneven or low areas in the concrete.

Residential Epoxy Coatings
Residential Epoxy Coatings