Concrete Restoration and Repair Services

ProAxis offers a wide variety of concrete restoration and repair services for businesses in the Madison area and throughout Wisconsin.


Concrete Restoration

Horizontal repairs include removal and replacement of spalls or delaminated concrete using regular concrete or mortars that provide rapid cure high strength results.

Vertical and overhead repairs include removal and replacement of spalls or delaminated concrete in ceilings, columns, or beams.

Specialty hand placed mortars are used for the patching.


Expansion Joint Repairs

Repairing and rebuilding damaged nosing using quick cure, high strength materials. Installation of traffic bearing and pedestrian style joint systems.


Concrete Repair Services

We offer basement foundation stabilization repair services to repair bowed foundation walls. Carbon fiber strapping by Fortress stabilization uses carbon fiber technology to add tensile strength to the concrete preventing additional movement of the foundation.


Concrete Crack Repairs

Epoxy injection performed to provide a complete bonding of cracks with a full depth injection of epoxy resin. Polyurethane injection performed to provide a flexible barrier for the full depth
of the crack.


Hydro-active polyurethane is injected to stop active water leaks seeping from a crack. Crack routing and sealing used to repair surface cracks with a flexible caulk.

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