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Water damage can cost your business big money. Let ProAxis solve your waterproofing issues and get your business back up and running fast.


Some common water problems that ProAxis can solve for you include:

  • Water seeping thru foundation walls, creating a wet environment for mold growth.

  • Planter walls leaking thru brick and causing efflorescence. 

  • Elevator shaft water intrusion.

  • Water collecting in the shaft and causing risk of damage to the equipment needed for safe operation.


ProAxis offers the following waterproofing services:

  • Hot applied waterproofing: Hot rubberized coating and protection course for horizontal or vertical applications.

  • Sheet applied waterproofing: Water proof membrane made in sheets and applied to various surfaces, for both horizontal and vertical applications.

  • Crack injection: Inject epoxy solid or urethane foam into cracks or joints to seal against water intrusion.

Commercial Waterproofing
Commercial Waterproofing
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