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Concrete Sealers

Commercial and construction sealers are used to prevent the penetration of water into a slab and prolong the life of the concrete.


ProAxis will select the proper high-quality sealant for your specific concrete and situation. Some common problems that can be fixed with concrete sealers include:

  • Concrete failure due to salt deposits seeping into the pores of the concrete.

  • Brick failure do to moisture intrusion thru brick systems.

  • Oil and gas staining on concrete decking.


ProAxis offers the following concrete sealer services:

  • Power washing and cleaning of floor or wall surfaces to prepare them for new sealer.

  • Shot blasting to clean floor surfaces that cannot be cleaned by just power washing.

  • Application of sealers that best meet the service needs of the concrete, brick or other masonry surfaces.

Concrete Sealers
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