Traffic Coatings

ProAxis provides traffic coatings that protect surfaces that receive heavy foot or vehicle traffic. Our expertly selected traffic coatings are liquid applied, seamless, waterproof, elastomeric, chemical and abrasion resistant and able to withstand vehicular traffic.


Some common traffic coating problems that ProAxis can help you solve include:

  • Water seeping thru flooring of mechanical penthouses.

  • Concrete failure due to salt deposits seeping into the pores of concrete.

  • Rebar within the concrete, rusting and failing.


ProAxis offers the following traffic coating services:

  • Shot blasting and grinding to remove old coating and create an adhesion profile in the concrete.

  • Removal and replacement of damaged concrete before application of coatings.

  • Application of traffic coatings based on customer needs, for use on pedestrian walkways or vehicular traffic.

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