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How to install a long lasting, durable epoxy floor

Installing a long lasting, durable epoxy floor is not as simple as pressure washing the floor and rolling on some epoxy paint.

Most have seen the epoxy floor kits in their local hardware store and those who have installed them typically see them fail. There are multiple reasons behind the failures and they all start with the prep of the concrete. Because most home owners don’t have the tools, equipment, or knowledge to properly prep the floor, the profile of the concrete that is required to ensure a bond isn’t achieved.

To achieve the correct profile and ensure a bond, the concrete surface needs to be “opened up” or profiled. To accomplish this the floor needs to be shot blasted and/or ground. If this step is done correctly, you can rest easy knowing that your floor is adhered to the concrete and won’t fail because of poor prep.

Other factors that can contribute to failures include choosing the correct epoxy for your application, moisture drive, and having a structurally sound concrete slab to start with. All of these are taken into account beforehand as we put together the perfect epoxy floor system for your application.

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