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When it Rains There's Water in My Basement

Do you have a small area in your basement that always seems to be wet whenever it’s rainy or after a heavy spring thaw? Do you find yourself often having to mop up a spot on the floor or, worse yet, step on a soggy carpet? You worry about this, but then it dries up outside and, eventually, inside your basement. Then you forget about it until the next time it rains.

Let’s stop that cycle and get this figured out once and for all!

In all likelihood, you have a crack in your basement foundation wall. Cracks happen because concrete is not flexible. When a house shifts or moves, even if it’s only slightly, the concrete can crack; concrete can also shrink and crack. If a crack is wide enough, it may tear the waterproofing membrane that’s often spray applied on the outside of newer homes.

What should you do about this?

The fix entails opening up the wall cavity near the spot that always seems to get wet. This may include removing drywall and insulation to locate the crack. Once it’s exposed a professional can determine what type of repair should be made. Remedies are different based on the cause; but the most common, cost-effective repair is to inject either an epoxy or urethane grout to fill and seal the crack.

Best to leave this to the professionals!

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